• Micah Bell

Word through Micah Bell

Although you may not see it or think it to be so, I’m bringing you into your finest hour. And all around you will not seem so, but I say to you, fear not for I shall be with you. For you are My are the salt upon My creation and it will not be given over to the wicked. It’s never been in My plan for such. But I’ve raised you up for such an hour as this. And remember and understand that when those moments come, and the enemy will come and lie and say that I’m not there and that you shall lose, but I say, I call you to stand and not be stand and be strong and courageous. If you will ask of Me, I will impart to you a fearlessness that the world has never seen since the days of My early warriors. But know the hour is coming when you shall stand and see victories that you have never even yet dreamed of. But understand I’m going to be with you. I will be with you. I am with you. I will never leave you, nor forsake you. Remember the liar. He will come...he will say...he will do this. But Mine, that are Mine know My voice. They know My voice and not his. Listen not to the liar. Listen not to the deceiver and the accuser. For he shall even come and accuse Me as he always has. But I say to you this day, I’m preparing you and you are being prepared and you will be ready when it comes. And I say, remember, remember what I say for when that moment comes and stand fearless stand with endurance stand with confidence stand strong stand with courage stand with steadfastness stand with love stand knowing. I’m God! And I shall not be moved, neither shall My people who trust in Me.

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