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Following my graduation from high school, I was deeply impressed to become a minister in the Baptist Church. Finishing my university time, I began seminary work, but much to my surprise, disappointment and previous experience as a pastor, I found most of the curriculum not applicable.


After continuing in this career for a while, I was given the opportunity to fulfill a childhood dream to be in aviation an  offer to be vice president and general manager of a new aviation business could not be refused. I left the ministry and finally the church to become a professional pilot, flight instructor and business man.


Following my intense flying days, I returned to college for Masters work and was involved In psychology and administration of a residential treatment center for disturbed teens.


In the continuing search for my place in life  in 1977 I experienced an encounter with Jesus Christ. Without further details, since that one day my life has never been the same, and I have been ministering according to the New Testament by teaching God’s Kingdom, casting out demons, healing the sick and shepherding disciples to this day. 


All of Micah's writings are inspired with the intent to help believers  find liberty in Christ and have a closer walk with Him.

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As well as writings, Micah has produced many videos of teaching and ministry for the Body of Christ.

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